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Creative Arts

Study of creative arts is an integral part of our society. Children in the intermediate grades are developing an ever-growing awareness of their place in a larger community. By finding a unique voice through art, children value the opportunity to express self and make connections with the world. Students in intermediate school:
  • Develop the concept of using art for personal expression, telling a story, and sharing a view or idea
  • Explore more involved art methods, materials, and tools
  • Conceptualize a project and see it through to completion
  • Introduce art movements and artists
  • Fifth grade also completes an informal critique of art work
  • Students learn to play a four-stringed ukulele and the history surrounding the instrument and its development. We create and improvise music, as well as read and write with proper notation.
  • Students learn to identify symbols and terms referring to dynamics, tempo, and articulation, and interpret them correctly when performing.
  • Music involves developing skills in improvising, composing, and arranging music using knowledge of mathematical relationships.
  • At this level, we practice performing different styles of music accurately and expressively, both vocally and instrumentally, as well as learn performance etiquette and strategies.
To celebrate the joy and value that is found in various aspects of woodworking, intermediate school woodworkers:
  • Review safe-working procedures for the skills being used each day
  • Use hand tools independently with permission to perform appropriate tasks
  • Collaborate on the best use of laser engraving to enhance or create projects and parts
  • Examine and create more complex and descriptive project plans