Middle School

Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
The middle school curriculum is on a rotating three-year cycle. Over the three-year period, a wide range of time periods covering major historical events and social issues are taught. The emphasis is for our students to study topics in interdisciplinary units to stress depth and quality of understanding. Social studies and language arts classes are closely related in that students read novels and work on writing topics that correlate with the various historical units. Our students are encouraged to think critically about the world in which they live, while cultivating individual leadership skills.
In math classes, students have the opportunity to work at their ability level. This step-up program allows students to study one to two years ahead of their grade level and achieve their individual best. Middle school science class topics vary depending on the grade level. Topics range from plant life to physics to chemistry and anatomy. The program tends to be very hands-on with labs and activities. Emphasis is placed on mastering basic inquiry skills necessary for science, such as understanding and applying the scientific method and using the metric system.