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Creative Arts

Study of creative arts is an integral part of our society. Children in middle school are developing an ever-growing awareness of their place in a larger community. By finding a unique voice through art, children value the opportunity to express themself and make connections with the world. Students:
  • Develop the concept of using art for personal expression, telling a story, and sharing a view or idea
  • Explore more involved art methods, materials, and tools
  • Conceptualize a project and see it through to completion
  • Introduce art movements and artists
  • Complete an informal critique of art work
  • Students learn to express ideas and feelings through improvising, composing, and arranging music using musical notation and terminology. Technology plays a large part in our curriculum.
  • Through our fully digital recording studio, students get a hands-on experience in composition, editing, and performing.
  • Listening, analyzing, critiquing, demonstrating, and evaluating musical works is an important part of the music curriculum.
  • Synthesizing knowledge of music in relation to history, culture, and heritage facilitate life-long learning.
To celebrate the joy and value that is found in various aspects of woodworking, middle school woodworkers:
  • Review safe working procedures for the skills being used each day
  • Use hand tools independently to create projects following student-created or existing plans
  • Discuss more advanced woodworking techniques
  • Incorporate laser engraving techniques into individually selected projects
  • Formulate the best use of materials and techniques to create a working clock