Middle School » Science


In the middle school science program students learn about and explore the world around them through a variety of activities and hands-on laboratory explorations. All levels will learn about life, physical, and Earth science topics. Students will delve deeper into using the scientific method for conducting investigations, become proficient in the metric system, and study about independent and dependent variables.

Sixth Grade Students:

  • Focus on the growth and reproduction of plants
  • Learn about how animals develop and move
  • Study the interactions among living things and the environment
  • Investigate how energy and matter move through ecosystems
  • Explore how objects react to forces and how electricity works
  • Learn about waves, sound, and light
  • Understand about the energy in the Earth’s atmosphere and predicting weather
  • Learn about the solar system

 Seventh Grade Students:

  • Learn about the different states of matter
  • Study atoms and the periodic table of elements
  • Explore atomic bonding and how chemical reactions occur
  • Investigate cells and how living things get energy
  • Explore genetics and what DNA does
  • Learn about the human body and systems that regulate body processes
  • Classify rocks and minerals
  • Find out how moving plates change Earth’s crust
  • Learn about earthquakes and the processes that shape the land’s surface

 Eighth Grade Students:

  • Learn about how life forms change over time
  • Investigate population biology and biodiversity
  • Study energy flow in ecosystems
  • Observe and describe chemical reactions
  • Learn about cell processes, photosynthesis, cell division, and respiration
  • Understand what factors affect Earth’s climate
  • Focus on energy and natural resources and how to use resources wisely
  • Investigate temperature, thermal energy, and the transfer of heat
  • Learn about electric circuits and electromagnetic forces
  • Find out what kinds of waves make up the electromagnetic spectrum