Social Studies

Studying the history of the United States, geography, and current events are truly an experience in the middle school. The majority of the learning that takes place is from directed research, done by the students on their laptops with teacher guidance, non-fiction trade books, and various types of media. A topic of study is delved into from all sides, past and current, domestic and international, fact and fiction, etc. Students often create projects culminating the information learned. This may be in the form of a computer-generated presentation, clay mold, poetry or anything else their imagination may help create. The goal is to have well-informed students that understand where we have come from, what has been learned, and where this country is headed.
Cycle One
  • World War I
  • World War II/Prejudice in the world
  • Hunger, Poverty, and Overpopulation
  • Communism
Cycle Two
  • The Constitution/We the People
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Sixties and Seventies/Cold War and Vietnam War
  • World Religions
Cycle Three
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Renaissance
  • Archaeology
  • Industrial Revolution