Lower School » Science


In the lower school science program, students will learn about and explore the world around them through a variety of activities and hands-on explorations. All levels will learn about life, physical, and Earth science topics. Students will learn how to set up, conduct investigations, collect information, and form conclusions using the scientific method. Lower school students:
  • Learn about and observe the basic needs, changes, structures, and functions of plants and animals
  • Gain experience on how plants and insects interact
  • Learn about classification, life cycles, and the pros and cons of insects
  • Identify, describe, and compare solids and liquids
  • Explore how solids and liquids can be combined and separated
  • Explore earth materials and the role they play as natural resources
  • Focus on how the natural world influences engineering and science
  • Find out how wind and water shape our land forms
  • Learn about sound and light
  • Investigate the properties of air
  • Observe and use tools to measure the changes in weather
  • Learn about the moon's movement and what causes its phases