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Whether you graduated this past year or years ago, you will be pleased to see that the traditions and values we built upon in our formative years are still in place. Our focus on academic excellence, leadership, and service to humanity is at the core of a Forest Ridge Academy education.
Though we continue to grow as a school, students who attend Forest Ridge Academy still experience the same strong sense of community and traditions you experienced when you attended Forest Ridge Academy. Remember the opening day ceremony? The fun you had at the hayride? The end-of-the-year tug of war? And probably most importantly, your affiliation with fellow Henders or Montis?
This past year alone, we have welcomed countless alums back to campus and always look forward to seeing what wonderful things you are doing in your lives since you left Forest Ridge Academy. As a former student, you are part of an ever-widening family that extends throughout our history and into our future. The Forest Ridge Academy Alumni Association is working to strengthen the bonds between the nearly 1,100 students who have attended Forest Ridge Academy since we first opened our doors in 1982.
Please stay in touch... let us know what you're up to... come visit school... and get involved in the Forest Ridge Academy Alumni Association.