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Alumni Spotlight

“I took 9 advanced placement courses at Munster High, tested out of two college entry level classes in Spanish and math, and received AP test scores high enough to earn 46 college credits even before I stepped onto campus. My time at Forest Ridge Academy paved the way for this success,” he said.

Ian added that he always enjoyed the challenge of learning, especially in mastering time management and organization skills that his FRA teachers focused on.  “I had to work hard at FRA and Munster High School, and I was always expected to do well. In the end, the foundation I received clearly was so beneficial.” 

Because of his success, Ian will complete his BS in Chemistry by Spring 2019, and will be able to complete a second degree, probably in environmental science, by the time he officially graduates in 2021.  “I have all sorts of options available to me both during college and after I graduate,” he said. 

Because he received numerous scholarships from Purdue, the Legacy Foundation, and the Carpenters Union, Ian will graduate with no college debt.  “Ian’s work ethic and passion for learning clearly paid off. We are very proud of Ian,” said Mrs. Arnold.