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Middle School Admission Procedure

Apply for Middle School Admission

Grades 6-8

To apply for middle school admission, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the Admissions Office to arrange an initial campus visit by calling the school at 219-750-9426 or email Ms. Panos at It is very important for parents to visit the school during our regular school hours to witness the students and teachers in action and to assess the climate of the school. Tours last approximately 45 minutes.

Step 2: Complete the student application received at your initial visit.  Send the application including the $50 application and testing fee to the Admissions Office.

Step 3: Upon receiving the completed application and application fee, the Director of Admissions will contact the family to schedule two consecutive shadow days for your child.  Students entering middle school will be asked to submit report cards (previous 2 years) and standardized test scores (previous 2 years) prior to spending the day at Forest Ridge Academy.  During the shadow days, applicants will spend the day with their current grade and be paired with a student host.  Your child will follow a regular school day and complete a reading, math, and English assessment as well as a writing sample.  Homework will be given after the first day and expected to be returned the following day.  The interaction of the child with his/her classmates will also be taken into consideration.  After the visit, the Director of Admissions will provide the family with recommendation forms to be given to and completed by the child’s current English teacher, math teacher, and principal. 

Decision: After the above steps are completed the Admission Committee will meet to make a decision regarding the child’s acceptance to the school. The test scores, previous school records, the child’s readiness to work at grade level, and the ability of the child to contribute positively to the school community are all taken into consideration for enrollment. Although Forest Ridge Academy accepts and serves students with diverse learning styles, it is unable to serve every learning difference.